Spiritual Hypnotherapy

2 day course in Athens from the 4th till the 5th of August, 10am -6pm. £170 (€180)

Course layout:

Day 1:

  1. Welcome and general discussion. 
  2. Connecting to your Core Method.
  3. Finding your purpose and eliminating blocks.

Day 2:

  1. Regression Therapy with Healing
  2. Accelerated Healing

More details below ...

Course Details:

Hypnotherapy and Spirituality are one of #1 passions. I use them all the time and yet I discovered there is not many courses out there for others to learn. I have combined all of my years of experience that I use to bring healing and understanding to my clients and that is why I have created this seminar. Most of our pain cannot be solved with our mind. The mind houses the ego. The ego is all about survival and protection. It is driven by FEAR. FEAR has never changed anything ... it only builds on what it is ... more FEAR. I realised that the only way to go forward is to work with the part of us that is eternal and powerful. Our Spirit self.

So, welcome to my Spiritual Hypnotherapy. I created this to help you with your clients to overcome:

  1. Heal emotional and physical pain that they have
  2. Change their perception of themselves and see their true beauty and power
  3. To understand their Divine Gifts
  4. To stop the struggle with their life and mind

What you will learn:

4 main trances that create change!

Connecting to your Core

Most people have forgotten who they are and are now identifying themselves with their mind/ego. It is a natural process that happens when we are children and we experience life. One of our reasons for living 'a life', is to wake up to who we are, live our purpose and expand our spiritual consciousness. In this trace .... our first ... is to connect back to our authentic self.

Finding your Purpose

Now that we have a connection, the question is 'what am I here to do?'. We start exploring this part with bringing our client to the understanding of what limiting beliefs they have about a certain event that is recurring in their lives. So we bring mental awareness. I use a specific trance that goes deep into our unconscious mind to recover those beliefs and then to make the changes where they were created.

Regression Therapy with Healing

Some of the blocks were created in another time and another space. What we know in the energy field is that there is no time or space. With this understanding we do a regression to get that understanding of the lessons and release the blocks in that space and time, so that in the now we can receive the healing.

Accelerated Healing

For this last lesson, we now learn how to use the mind and the energy to bring healing to the body. We teach the mind to accept the healing and bring mind and spirit to work together to bring healing to the body.


The seminar is from 10am till 6pm - Saturday & Sunday.

You are required to have some skill in Hypnosis (either be a hypnotherapist, experienced in meditation)

For people that have no formal background, there will be an introduction on Friday night from 5-9pm (additional €50)

For more information:

Email - info@vickyross.com

About Vicky

Vicky has been in the Personal Development world for over 30 years. She uses her skills and experience to help her clients understand themselves, deliver on their objectives and lead strong teams to create better business.

She has authored books, created journals, online programs and Hypnotic audios that empower her clients to become the best version of themselves and to create a successful environment.

Her mission is to create powerful, authentic Leaders that easily motivate and support their teams. Vicky has the unique gift of understanding the cause of any difficulty and seeing the clear steps to its solution at the same time. She assists her clients to build lives on their terms and helps upgrade their perception of themselves and therefore of life.

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